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If you are considering declaring yourself bankrupt and want somebody to help you with it, please consider us, along with the promises we give and the difference we make.

Don’t risk unlicensed firms or advisors. – They are unregulated. They have no obligation to provide you with the correct advice. If you pay them you have no where to complain to or seek help if they don’t do the right thing.

We are licensed through our principle (Keith Dorahy, RDAA Licence 1149) with AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority), the Government Bankruptcy office.

This means we are obligated to provide you with all of your options. If we treat you unfairly or do not do what we promise you can complain to AFSA and they have to investigate your complaint. You do not get this protection when you deal with an unlicensed firm or advisor. If you are paying money for a service you need this protection.

You also get the following benefits by choosing us.

1. You can speak to one of our friendly consultants who will answer all of your questions and remove any stress you may be feeling. We have helped and seen every situation possible. You can draw on our experience to get you through this with the minimum of stress and worry.

2. We display our fee’s on our website. We don’t have any tricks. If you want to go bankrupt we want to help you and we want to provide the best possible service.

3. We do all the paperwork for you. Many of our clients complain that when they first went elsewhere other companies ask them to fill out a whole heap of forms and documents. Choose us and we do all the paperwork. All you have to do is sign.

4. Guaranteed acceptance. We guarantee your application will be accepted. That’s part of the stress free service we offer.

5. A complete confidential (we do not record phone calls) service that can be completed over the phone or for those close by you can visit our office.

6. AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) licensed Debt Agreement Administrator, Keith Dorahy, License 1149. You are dealing with a qualified and licensed entity.


For a free friendly chat call us During office hours:

Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 5.00pm

1300 163 017

Australia wide – We can help you wherever you are in Australia.