Why would you use us?

Why pay someone to do this?

Many things can go wrong. Here is one simple example.

We had a client who needed to declare bankruptcy. Her situation was one where there was no expectation that she would have to pay income contributions.

Six months after her bankruptcy she received a letter from her trustee saying that she had to pay $283.00 every fortnight. Now as she had no debts she thought she may be able to manage this. However in the back of her mind she was sure that she was told she wouldn’t have to pay anything once she was made bankrupt.

We had handled her bankruptcy so she called us to confirm whether she should have to pay these income contributions. We looked at it and said no there is something that is not right. We told her to leave it with us and we will sort it out.

This meant she didn’t have to deal with the government or the trustee.

We did all this for her. We provided the evidence to have her assessment looked at from a different angle and we had her assessment reduced to nil.

So instead of paying $283.00 per fortnight in contributions she now pays nothing.

Did we charge her anything extra? Not at all, this extra service was covered by the original fee she paid us.

She said she was so glad she had someone to turn to who knew how it worked and what was going on.

Who knows what might happen with your bankruptcy. If you want someone to turn to then that is part of the service we offer you.


Consider these comments from past clients:


Hello this is B,

I would like to say thanks for your understanding, becoming bankrupt is my only choice as a human and you did something important to me. You were honest and reliable and I am grateful for you being a legitimate organisation and you didn’t even ask for too much money off me to get bankrupt, as a matter of fact you even reduced the fee at some point. You saved me tens of thousands of dollars by getting me bankrupt , no matter how much I could thank you it would not be enough. This to me is something of value and is all in my favour, so once again thank you Ivan and all the best for you in the future and I’m sure you’ll provide exceptional service to others just like me.

Yours sincerely, B


Hi Alex,

Just writing to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me, from the moment I had enough courage to pick up the phone to ring you, I was put at ease you explained everything to me, plus emailed the forms to me to read etc, so professional from start to finish, I would also like to thank Shan she was outstanding and certainly did not judge me, I.do not dread answering the phone now, my extremely dark days are behind me.
A very big Thankyou.

Patricia. A



Hi David,
So this the first signature for you…. and so it begins, I feel better all ready though I must say, thank you for your help so far and David your very understanding and non-judgemental, it really is a weight off my shoulders, cheers.
Ms W


Dear George,

Thank you so much for everything, I may never meet you, however you have
given me a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

I was in a bad place, financially also physically and mentally.

I lost my job, my relationship broke down, then I became depressed and on
medication, however i still could not see a solution out of this horrible
situation, , ,

Then reluctantly I called George Stewart debt solutions as I was also
embarrassed about my situation, I’m so pleased I did, Ivan answered the
phone and after talking to him, I finally felt someone understood me, I
wasn’t a bad person, I just got myself into a bad situation and he could
help me, and he did.

“Thank you so much” as you will never know what dark place you saved me
from. My children will be unknowingly forever grateful.

Kindest regards



Thanks Keith,

That was quick. Thanks so much. I am so glad I made the decision to go with your company. I appreciate how you operate. Very efficient, great communication, know how to keep it simple and get the job done with as little stress as possible. Now I can relax and feel free and get on with my life and my future.




Thank you David,

My overwhelming debt was no longer manageable and was causing me an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. I was also receiving incorrect advice about my debts from other people as well as phone calls and implied threats of legal action from creditors. After contacting George Stewart Debt Solutions I was given the correct information about my debt situation, was reassured and immediately relieved of the stress that I had felt for a long period of time. The process of declaring bankruptcy was handled for me and made easy. I now have peace of mind and quality of life again. Thank you George Stewart Debt Solutions. I highly recommended your services to others.




Hello Alex,

How have you been it was great to talk to you the other day. I would like to thank you again for all the help you gave me during a very bad time in my life .The service you provided helped me through a very difficult time and I appreciate the personal and friendly service I received.

I would not hesitate in recommending your firm to anyone in the same situation. Keep in touch.



Hi Keith

So far everything has gone smoothly. I have received my letter from ITSA.

Have appreciated so much your help and support through this.



Hi David,

Firstly, thank you for taking my call today and explaining the options I have with my debt problems.

I can confirm I’ve made the first payment towards paying your fees of $615.00 today.

Lastly David, you have given me peace of mind, I was unable to sleep nor concentrate at work, today’s call to you has given me some confidence to start rebuilding my life with my young children. I truly wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for listening to me and calming my nerves. The option of filing for bankruptcy has not been easy to decide for some time for me and my family. However constant phone calls and demanding letters has taken me over the edge and i just could not take the shame and somewhat the harassment any further.

Once again, a huge thank you!

Kind Regards,




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