Imagine… no more debt.

We have been helping people with bankruptcy and debt problems for over 15 years. We will keep doing it for another 15 years and then maybe have a break.

Let our experience and commitment help you.

Promises & Guarantees

We have assisted thousand’s of people just like you. Having helped so many people over such a long period means we can make guarantee’s and promises. For fee’s more affordable than elsewhere.

Money back guaranteed

We guarantee your application will be accepted. It is as simple as that. If your application isn’t accepted and can’t be amended to be accepted you will get all of your fee’s back.

Our practioner, Keith Dorahy, is a registered DAA with AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) lic 1149.

He is a member of AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority) member 80261.

You are dealing with a qualified and legitimate firm. You have complaint resolution guarantee’s. You can’t get this if you deal with unlicensed firms.




After acceptance service

Once you have been made bankrupt what happens if the Bankruptcy Office has questions for you. What happens if creditor’s continue to chase you. We will be here for you. Will anyone else?

Ease of process

We can interect with you over the phone, by sms and by email. You don’t have to leave your loungeroom. We will do all of the processing for you.

Every question answered

Getting the correct advice is essential before you choose bankruptcy. We will answer all of your questions, cover all of your worries and ensure you know exactly what to expect.

5 star friendliness

Be assured we are here to help you, work for you and provide you with service that you will remember long after your debts are gone.


Contact us, we will explain how bankruptcy will affect you based on your circumstances. If bankruptcy is not going to be your best option we will point this out. You will get in writing our promises, guarantee’s and Government prescribed information.


Consider the information provided and discussed. Ask us about any other worries or concerns that you may still have.


Now you know exactly what is involved and what will happen if you decide to proceed. We prepare and process everything for you. You only need to provide details which we ask of you and sign off on the final documents. This can all be completed over the phone.

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