Bankruptcy Help Reviews

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Great customer service.

Great knowledge.

Gave me perfect advice.

Made me so relieved.

thank you,

K P May 2023

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

You were amazing to guide me and feel happy doing this with you.



C V March 2023

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Thank you so much for all your support and understanding.

You put me at ease with the process and helped me understand the process and what it all meant.

I am eternally grateful for all that you have provided for me. You always answered my millions of questions even out of hours.  You were very compassionate and professional with all replies.

Forever grateful.

K D March 2023

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

I wish to thank for the understanding you displayed and assistance you provided during my bankruptcy application.

Your genuine empathy was obvious throughout the process and greatly reduced my embarrassment.

Having gone through the process before where I was treated as a criminal, I was reticent to repeat the experience.

After my first call to you I could only think what a friendly, constructive and reassuring conversation I had just had, but what was the catch? 

There never was one! 

Thank you.  And I now sleep a lot better!


VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Thanks for helping me solving my debt problem.

I can now restart my life without getting hassled by my creditors.

I really appreciate your fast service and letting me know everything i needed to do, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

I could not thank you enough.


VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Gday Keith you have done a great job even tho I didn’t know anything about bankruptcy you explain it pretty simple so I could understand it so good job mate ??

G R November 2022

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Keith is a Legend. Very friendly and fully informed bloke.

I was not sure about going for Bankruptcy before due to alot of confusing information. But with Keith’s counseling and information about system, I’m now living stress free and debt free life.

Thanks Keith.

A R September 2022

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Recently I made the decision to declare for bankruptcy.

After making several inquiries with various people regarding the administration of my bankruptcy I decided to go with Keith.

First and foremost I dealt with Keith and Keith alone and was not palmed off to some other person as a part of some other agency.

Keith was honest, open, friendly and easy to talk to and was always readily available to discuss any questions I might have via email or mobile phone.

Keith made it easy for me to understand the implications of my bankruptcy and assisted me in making the best decisions I could make within my given circumstance.

The whole process of declaring as bankrupt was made simple as Keith dealt with the vast majority of the paperwork. The whole process was very easy to follow and my bankruptcy was processed and approved within 10 days.

The price of Keiths service in administering the bankruptcy was by far and away the most affordable option I could find and I can not fault his service one bit.

WIthout Keith sharing his knowledge and expertise I might not be in as positive a situation as I find myself in now.

This has relieved a huge amount of stress and pressure which I found myself under and has made a really positive impact on my quality of life.

I’m very grateful Keith’s service and assistance and would not hesitate to recommend his services to any other person.

B K September 2022

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Thank you for your assistance Keith the service is excellent I’m so glad I met you, for your professional and caring nature you made it nice and clear and understanding.

My life is going slowly back on track I’ve learnt a big lesson on money matters and I can see why so many people suffer from money worries. Thank you so much Keith a service well done I would recommend you and your service to anyone who needs financial help.

R C September 2022

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Hi Keith,

Now everything is settling down and on track, my future is brighter rather than looking down a dark tunnel.

For years I had no idea where to start and put off seeking help, not admitting the deep trouble I was in.

Some how I was fortunate enough to make contact with you, your understanding and guidance in simplifying, what I had perceived as a complicated and expensive process. Your helping me take those first steps, just felt you had lifted the weight (of being embarrassed), off my shoulders, that I could see a future was possible.

I wish you and your company much success and my best wishes for you in continuing your work. Thank you.

B T July 2022

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Very quick and easy, and the representative that I dealt with was good to talk to and put me at my ease immediately.

I was apprehensive at first, wondering if I was doing the right thing, but now I am not looking back.

This was a professional service, everything discussed and then done for me, all I had to do was pay a fee (which was very reasonable) and give them the go ahead.

I would highly recommend this company.

L D June 2022

VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Thank you for sorting everything out,

“ I have read the application to review and the final declaration and authorise you to file my bankruptcy application”.

Many thanks for making this process as pain free as possible. I appreciate your tact and great customer service.

Have a great day!


VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Thank you for advising.

Thanks again for helping me with this process you have made it very easy and stress free. Thank you for working around my availability with having night appointments.

Kind Regards


VERIFIED REVIEW Bankruptcy Client

Thank you so much for your help, guidance & understanding on this matter.

You made the process easier than what I ever imagined.

Being ashamed & embarrassed was dispelled once I started talking to you.

I’m now back at the start of the game & I intend to work hard & to get myself back into the game.

Thank you once again.


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